15th August 2017

Trak Global welcomes motorway learners and urges government to do more for young drivers

Trak Global Group, the UK’s leading telematics technology company, has welcomed the government’s announcement that learner drivers will be allowed to drive on motorways from 2018.

Andrew Brown-Allan, Trak Global’s Group Marketing Director, believes drivers would benefit from a broader driver education. “This is a welcome step forward and will encourage young people to build their experience by driving more, and driving at different times, in variable conditions and environments, such as motorways.”

Mr Brown-Allan also urged ministers to promote the use of telematics technology for both learner and novice drivers: “Telematics – apps in particular – provides a great coaching tool for drivers both pre- and post-pass, because the technology enables learners to record their driving and see where they need to improve.

He said that a previous study found young drivers using Trak Global’s technology had made 42% fewer insurance claims than an identical cohort of novices that were driving without the aid of telematics.

“We believe using telematics feedback from black boxes or apps when learning to drive will make you a safer driver, and that will carry over to the crucial first year on the road post-test,” he said, adding: “Around 500,000 17-24yr olds begin their driving career each year, and whilst it’s a positive move, the government needs to do more than just opening up motorways to learner drivers.”

“Ministers need to underscore their commitment to extending driver education by encouraging the use of black boxes, perhaps with a financial incentive, such as a reduction in insurance premium tax – which at 12%, adds about £170 extra to the average young driver insurance policy.”