1st September 2017

Trak Global technologies help police swiftly recover a stolen prestige vehicle

Until more recent times it wouldn’t be uncommon for a car owner to be unaware of the exact time at which their vehicle was stolen if the theft occurred during the night. Much head-scratching would typically ensue, the driver plus any other occupants or neighbours trying to recall if they heard anything and subconsciously remember glancing at their bedside alarm clock.

Trackers have historically been fitted to more expensive or powerful vehicles first and foremost, but the last half a dozen years have seen ‘black box’ telematics technology come to the fore, with Trak Global leading the pack. A vast array of private motorists from the younger to the older now drive vehicles fitted with telematics hardware, often for insurance reasons, while business fleets small and large are also increasingly turning to hardware and also smartphone app-based telematics solutions.

More and more vehicle manufacturers, rental firms, leasing and finance providers plus other organisations are stipulating the fitment of telematics technology in their vehicles, and one driver in Merseyside was undoubtedly glad of this fact when their prestige vehicle was stolen earlier this week.

The Mercedes CLA driver may otherwise have been in the dark as to what time their car was stolen from outside their home when they drew the curtains in the morning, but telematics and tracking systems from Trak Global provided the police, our coordination team and the vehicle’s driver with an accurate picture of what happened to this desirable car.

Merseyside Police liaised with Trak Global and the data obtained from the then-still-missing Mercedes revealed that its engine was started just before 2am. The telemetry and other information recorded by the on-board systems identified the vehicle’s precise movements with the exact streets and coordinates. Periods of engine idling were also stored, illustrating the minute details that can be extrapolated from black box car technology. Mapping information was used to identify where the vehicle was likely to be hidden, boosting the police’s efficiency.

With this particular incident, Trak Global data enabled Merseyside Police to recover the stolen Mercedes CLA that same morning and fortunately it hadn’t travelled very far from its original home, indicating that the perpetrators were perhaps planning on moving the vehicle in stages. Both the police and the car’s driver were very happy with the swift resolution.

Depending on a customer’s requirements, Trak Global can offer standalone tracking systems rather than telematics solutions. Suited to custodians of luxury cars, vans and even expensive commercial vehicles including industrial and agricultural, our tracking products prove instrumental in helping combat vehicle theft that these days often has continental connections.