12th April 2016


Leading telematics solutions provider Trak Global Ltd has developed a new smartphone app it believes will revolutionise vehicle fleet management.

Entitled Appy Fleet, the new product combines the functionality of established fleet management systems with the latest driver behaviour monitoring Trak Global has developed for the insurance sector.

The new system is designed to improve behind the wheel skills that they believe will save companies thousands of pounds in improved economy performance and general wear and tear of company vehicles.

Crucially, being an App-based product Appy Fleet breaks away from the more traditional telematics fleet management ‘black box’ products and in doing so eradicates the costly process behind installing and maintaining telematic hardware.

As the system uses smartphone technology, it costs a fraction of existing systems already on the market and yet can provide an instant return on investment.

Alan Cottrill, Commercial Director and Trak Global co-founder, said: “Fleet management is critical in improving the productivity and efficiency of a fleet and, through our driver behaviour products developed for insurers, we have proved we can improve a vehicle’s performance. Appy Fleet is that natural progression for the business.

“Critically, for both the driver and the fleet manager, Appy Fleet ensures total transparency for all. It has been more than two years in development our new system can be instantly tailored to meet each and ever users’ needs.”