1st December 2016

Trak Global Group scoops Amazon Growing Business Award

Trak Global Group, the telematics technology company that also owns the Carrot young driver brand, has scooped the Real Business award for growing business of the year 2016.

Accepting the award, which is sponsored by Amazon, Bob Skerrett, MD telematics, said: “This is a fantastic win for us. We are a telematics technology company but we are in business to make young people safer on the roads. Our products have reduced young driver accidents by 40% and that is a tremendous motivator for us.”

He added: “The safer our drivers, the more money we make for our insurer partners, because safer drivers equals reduced risk. And safer drivers also means cheaper insurance premiums, so with our business model, everyone wins.”

Skerrett said that Trak Global had already been recognised as one of the UK’s top 50 fastest growing technology companies by the Sunday Times (Sunday Times Tech Track) this year, and looking ahead, plans were well advanced to grow in new markets beyond the UK.

“Driving technology is moving from black boxes installed in cars to apps, which are much cheaper and can be used anywhere. Trak Global is leading the way in the UK and now abroad with offices in Europe, the Middle East and North America.”

“Apps will increase the size of the market from young drivers to anyone who wants to driver safer and better, anywhere in the world. We have huge ambition for our business to be the UK’s biggest and best exporter of road safety technology around the globe.”