11th July 2017

Trak Global Group in the news after calling on policymakers to investigate how telematics can help combat terrorism

Trak Global Group (TGG) has been in the news after calling on policymakers to sponsor a discussion on the role telematics technology could play in countering crime and terrorism, following attacks on the public by terrorists using vehicles.

The Times interviewed TGG director Andrew Brown-Allan for the story, written by transport correspondent Graeme Paton. Andrew was quoted saying that TGG is looking at developing a driver ID linking the telematics black box in a vehicle with the owner’s smartphone, disabling the vehicle if the link to the smartphone is broken. He said:

“It is now possible to immobilise a vehicle remotely, using the technology that goes into a telematics black box. […] We need to harness this relatively new technology to stop terrorists turning vehicles into weapons of mass destruction.”

The Times piece got picked up in a number other media outlets, both at home (Daily Mail online, Insurance Times, and abroad, including Al Jazeera). Andrew was also interviewed on the Andrew Castle show, on LBC on Saturday 1 July.