21st August 2017

Trak Global CEO nominated for Tech Champion of the Year Award

Nick Corrie, CEO of TGG, has been shortlisted in the Insurance Times Tech Champion of the Year Award.

The winner is determined by a vote within the insurance industry and will be announced at the Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards in London in 14 September.

Nick, who founded the business with colleagues Alan Cottrill and Kamran Mahmoudzadeh in September 2009, has built Trak into the number one telematics technology company in the UK and the seventh largest in the world. The Crewe-based business today has 250,000+ touchpoints extending across the whole telematics arena, from fleets, insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers to individual drivers.

The technology enables TGG customers to benefit from the Group’s core competencies: capturing and analysing vehicle and driving data to improve efficiency, reducing costs and minimising risks in vehicles they own, lease to others or insure. Trak Global’s latest development includes the first generation of app-based telematics devices, which Nick believes will hugely increase the addressable market for this technology, including fleets, the gig economy and older drivers everywhere.

Nick also launched Carrot, the young driver insurer, in 2012 both as a test bed to prove to insurers that TGG’s telematics was technology they needed, and as a standalone broker. Carrot rewards young drivers for driving safely and responsibly and now has nearly 50,000 customers.

Looking ahead he says:

“We want to move our live connections into the millions and increase our EBIT tenfold through £50m by the early 2020s. We think we can be the UK’s first telematics ‘Unicorn.’”

On the award nomination from Insurance Times, Nick said he was thrilled to be recognised for the progress the group has made over the past few years.

“I feel that the Trak team has built something very special, and I am immensely proud of what we have done to date, but also excited by the further potential for this business, both in the UK and around the world.”

Cast your vote for Nick by following this link: http://awards.insurancetimes.co.uk/tech-and-innovation-awards-17/tech-champion/