9th October 2015

RSA launches new Smart Fleet app

RSA, one of the largest UK commercial insurers, today announced the launch of Smart Fleet, a new smartphone app aimed at SMEs with fleets up to 15 vehicles. The Smart Fleet app can help business owners reduce fleet operating costs and empower them to take action to promote safer and more efficient driving.

The app is a UK first for this sector of the fleet market, which has yet to benefit from telematics, as to date, technology providers and insurers have largely focused on large fleets with sophisticated requirements that needs significant capital investment. According to Matt Hodges, Mini Fleet Product Manager, RSA, Smart Fleet delivers most of the benefits of large fleet telematics through a simple-to-use app specifically designed for smaller fleets.

Designed and operated in conjunction with Autonet and Trak Global, the information is captured by a smartphone app that is downloaded by the drivers of the vehicles using Bluetooth. The web-based portal provides the business owner with visibility of their vehicle usage, location, historical journeys and driver behaviour.  Using the portal, SMEs should see operational savings relating to more efficient and effective use of their vehicles. At renewal, insurance pricing will reflect the performance and driving behaviour of their individual fleet resulting in potentially lower insurance costs.

Commenting on the new app, Matt Hodges said: “We know that fleet vehicles can be the lifeblood of an SME. With this in mind, we have developed the Smart Fleet app to help SMEs have better visibility of and access to useful information that empowers them to take steps to control their fleet cost, reduce reputational risks associated with poor or dangerous driving, as well as showing a duty of care to their employees.”

“It is another step forward in broadening the reach of telematics into the mass market. Non-standard risks such as young drivers have been the only significant beneficiaries to date, but it is only a matter of time before technology providers unlock the key to mass commercialisation of telematics.”