30th November 2016

Nick Street puts Trak Global on the road safety map

 Trak Global’s insurance solutions and claims manager Nick Street was guest speaker at Post Magazine’s Claims Club seminar on telematics. At the meeting, held in London on 24 November, delegates from leading insurers heard how telematics and data can be invaluable to the customer claims process and lowering risk.

Street said that telematics data collated and analysed by Trak is used to manage driver behaviour, with the ultimate aim of improving the safety of young drivers and bringing down their insurance premiums.

“We analyse driver behaviour, which includes the miles driven in their vehicle, the smoothness of the drive and how fast they drive. This allows us to determine and perhaps predict the likelihood of an accident. And if an accident occurs we are able to use the data to resolve liability and support traditional claims handling methods,” said Street

He added: “Trak Global Group is actively working with customers and partners to provide automated solutions that enable bespoke services for partners and customers so that they have driver behaviour data at their fingertips.”

He explained that the UK has an excellent reputation for road safety, and telematics has played an important role, so much so that governments abroad look to the UK for best practice. Street said: “Trak Global group is seeking to grow its business in Europe, the Middle East and North America, helping providers in these markets make use of our experiences in the UK and make their roads safer.”