23rd September 2013


Within hours of equipping their fleet with GPS tracking units, Cheshire Vehicle Rental found themselves putting their new system to test.

One of their rental customers reported a brand new Peugeot Partner van had been stolen while out on hire for the first time after Trak Global Solutions engineers had fitted a GPS tracking device.

The system was so new Cheshire Vehicle Rentals staff hadn’t even completed their training on how to fully use the state-of-the-art system to monitor the company’s extensive fleet. However, on being informed that the Peugeot had been stolen they contacted Trak’s control room and within minutes the missing van had been located.

Les than 90 minutes after receiving the call the van had been stolen, Manchester police had recovered it from the Salford area of the city.

What is more pertinent to Cheshire Vehicle Rental is that the Peugeot was swiftly recovered, totally undamaged and back within its fleet ensuring downtime and disruption was kept to an absolute minimum.

Fiona Kirkby, of Cheshire Vehicle Rental, a member of both the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association and United Rental Systems, said: “The van was new to our fleet and the tracking device had only just been fitted when it was hired to one of our corporate customers when an opportunist thief struck.

“Without Trak Global’s technology this could have resulted in the complete loss of our brand new vehicle and while it is obviously fully insured, it would have resulted in considerable cost and disruption to our operation during the process of having to deal with the police and our insurers.”

She added: “To have the van returned within such a short time, with absolute minimum amount of disruption to the business had instantly ensured an immediate return of the investment in equipping our rental fleet with Trak’s system.”

Dave Turnock, Operations Director for Trak Global, said: “The merits of equipping a Trak system to a fleet could not be more prevalent to the entire scenario that Cheshire Vehicle Rental experienced.

“Having a vehicle stolen, be it for business or an individual consumer, is traumatic. For a business ensuring a vehicle’s down time to an absolute minimum is vital. It’s quite ironic to think that our system was put to a true test so soon after being fitted to Cheshire’s vehicles. Fortunately, we were instantly able to resolve his situation.”