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From on-demand mobility models serving the sharing economy to corporate fleets and daily vehicle rental operators, our solutions are helping organisations across the mobility ecosystem.

The need for flexibility, availability, speed and affordability is driving a big change in how people travel from A to B. The decline in 1:1 car ownership and sharp rise in car and ride sharing as well as autonomous vehicles is creating new challenges and opportunities for the management of risk. Just as the role of insurers shifts and their relationship with drivers, vehicles and their owners evolves, businesses are also rethinking their approach to the management of their fleets and mobile teams. Our cutting-edge technology and leading telematics platforms help our clients for a variety of functional applications, including:

Logistics & asset management

Our i-Box solution is utilised by many large fleet operators and daily rental companies for the purpose of asset tracking, enabling them to see where their vehicles are in real-time. Geo-fencing and POI alerts make it possible to detect when rental vehicles are off-hired, for example; similarly, they can be used to flag whether distribution vehicle delivery drops have been made on-time; or they can identify when a fleet vehicle has entered an unauthorised zone, such as a border crossing or vehicle repair centre.

Driver behaviour scoring

There’s an increasing duty of care burden on fleet operators, particularly employers, to ensure that their vehicles are being driven safely and responsibly, particularly when being driven for work purposes. Both our i-Box and PhoneBox platforms have been designed to permit the optional capture and algorithmic analysis of driver behaviour data to a high degree of accuracy, and to then provide feedback to both driver and fleet manager through intuitive, data-rich online portals and smartphone apps.

Impact detection & accident alerts

Thanks to the advanced chipset and highly-sensitive accelerometers within the T7 telematics unit, users of our i-Box platform benefit from the system’s ability to detect when an impact has taken place, and its ability to trigger alerts to the client’s monitoring team so that interventions and assistance can be provided appropriately. In addition to enhancing the duty of care, the speed and success of the incident management process heavily relies on a prompt and detailed First Notification of Loss.

Claims Handling and Technical Reports

Following an incident, rapid intervention from our claims experts will lead to an improved risk experience and reduced claims expenditure for our clients. Our services include the validation and analysis of telematics data, detection of fraudulent activity, liability resolution with all stakeholders, the production of expert witness statements and training for in-house teams.

Stolen vehicle recovery

The T7, our latest i-Box telematics device, is perfectly equipped to counter the growing levels of car theft that are prevalent across Europe. Our engineering team is able to carry out covert, security fits at individual vehicle or fleet level, and in the event that we are made aware that a vehicle has been stolen, our 24-hour monitoring team is able to coordinate interactions with the authorities and approved repatriation agencies to recover it.

Expense management

The highly accurate journey recording capabilities of both our i-Box and PhoneBox platforms mean that vehicle mileage can be tracked, monitored and reconciled very reliably – be this against the permitted mileage of a vehicle against its rental or lease term agreement; or against an employee mileage reimbursement claim. An optional, configurable module within the PhoneBox driver app even lets the driver compile and submit their expense claim at source, with total accuracy and the ability to distinguish journeys made for business or privately.

Our technology platform capabilities


Black Box telematics


Mobile app telematics

GPS location tracking
Driver behaviour analysis
Driver ID
Feedback app & online dashboard
Rewards integration
Impact detection & FNOL
Professional device installation
Self-installation by customer
Stolen vehicle recovery
Optional Bluetooth Tethering
API data feeds


Black Box telematics


Mobile app telematics

Case study

Appy Fleet
by Trak Global Group

Appy Fleet is a smartphone-based telematics solution underpinned by Trak Global group’s PhoneBox platform. Launched in 2016, with the aim of providing businesses with a free and easy way to improve the safety and management of their mobile workforce, it is available on iOS, Android and Windows. A disruptor in the fleet telematics landscape, Appy Fleet also helped the group develop and test innovative technology internally before releasing its public offering, simultaneously improving and optimising the PhoneBox platform. The Appy Fleet solution is made up of a Manager Portal and a Driver App, and is a key driver in helping businesses reduce accident rates, save money on fuel bills and optimise overall efficiency of their fleet and mobile teams. The app is paired to one or more vehicles to enable the tracking of journeys and driver identification, with no intervention needed from the driver following the initial pairing. Unlike other app-based solutions which rely on motion detection, Appy Fleet’s unique Bluetooth tethering system enables reliable journey recording, accurately detecting when a journey starts and finishes. In a bid to help businesses operate safer fleets and fulfil its aim of making roads safer, Appy Fleet offers its core solution absolutely free. With large clients and high-profile corporate partnerships, Appy Fleet – already being used by safety-conscious organisations of all sizes in the USA and France and the UK – is scaling rapidly across the world.


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