10th October 2016

Drive & Win choose ebroker as a technology partner in Spain

A Spanish Insurance news publication has reported on our new collaboration with technology partner, Ebroker. Here is the link to the original news article and below is a translated version.


Drive & Win was born in 2012 in the UK under the name of Carrot Insurance , part of Trak Global Group.

As reported by the entity: “…this business model, which has been successful in England, was born to give coverage to young drivers under 25 years. This business concept is clearly different from the traditional auto insurance, by the nature of the insured and the special operation of Carrot Insurance”.

Drive and Win have chosen the technology ally and partner, ebroker to assist in the implementation of the Spanish strategy.

Hector Acosta , director of product and COO of Drive & Win said: “ebroker is software that provides connectivity and integration of more flexible systems according to our needs. So we have no doubt that ebroker will be ideal to enable us to deploy our business model and start trading with our partner in Spain ”

“Ebroker is a powerful piece of management software for insurance brokerage. It is highly flexible and can integrate with its web service technology, both with insurers, as with those of other critical systems of our group” Acosta stressed.

“Higinio Iglesias , CEO of ebroker perfectly understood our business concept and that conveys a lot of confidence”, Acosta said. He also explains some of the innovative features of the business model:

“Drive & Win promotes to avoid accidents. It does this by measuring driving practices and rewards good driving behaviour. It proposes a change to the procedure imposed on the insurance issue. ”

Through a mobile application and Scoring Drive & Win integrated with ebroker, it is measured daily driving client or candidate and depending on how you drive your insurance is billed.” In addition, the model includes a reward system, which allows the company to send a weekly feedback to policyholders so that they can improve their driving. Keeping in touch with customers and recurring positive for the insurance annuity form, not only in times of recruitment, in case of loss, or renewal, it is key to the success of your proposal.

“It is not fair that young people have extreme difficulty in accessing auto insurance, and with this new model we intend to reach a niche market unprotected with unfair and exhorbitant prices”. He adds, “it is only fair that every driver has insurance that fits in cost and features to the reality of your driving”

In the UK the data shows the success of the insurance model as 90% of British customers considered that the scoring accurately reflects their driving and 97% of them recommend joining the Drive & Win network. And for the first time, it has been awarded in the UK to an insurance operation to reduce the accident rate among young drivers. Carrot Insurance treasures, among others, the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards prize.

Drive & Win will be the first in Spain from November, its services can be contracted online, through its call centre and two portals.

Drive and Win will demystify the claims that young people are unconscious behind the wheel.