24th October 2013


Thieves could well be legitimately hiring vehicles from unsuspecting companies to carry out their crimes in a bid to maintain an air of normality and to avoid arrest.

That’s the view of Trak Global Solutions, one of the UK’s leading telematics and vehicle tracking companies, after it teamed up with Essex police and, thanks to the information it provided, led to the successful conviction of a serial thief.

The latest modus operendi was uncovered thanks to good old fashioned police intuition combined with the state-of-the-art service provided by Cheshire-based Trak, resulting in Bobby Everitt being sent to prison for three years after being found guilty of 14 counts of burglary at Chelmsford Crown Court on September 11.

PC James Smith, the arresting officer for Essex Police, has been presented with the Police Federation National Detective Forum Student Detective of the Year award for following his natural instinct and his industrious use of Trak’s system.

He explained: “While we were investigating a break in at a house in Chelmsford we went to interview Everett. I noticed a car outside his home and took down its registration even though he said it wasn’t his.

“We ran the vehicle’s details through the Police National Computer and discovered it was registered to a rental company. We contacted the hirer who, not only confirmed it had been hired to Everitt, rather fortuitously, told us it was equipped with a vehicle tracking system.

“The data provided by Trak Global showed the vehicle had been in the close vicinity of the property at the time it had been raided and gave us conclusive proof that he carried out the burglary.”

PC Smith, continued: “so that gave me an idea – as Trak had provided us with such precise data showing the vehicle’s exact movements while on hire to Everett, we looked at its other movements and then cross referred that data with other similar burglaries throughout the region.

“Incredibly, the precise information enabled us to place the vehicle in the vicinity at the time of 13 other house burglaries and a further two attempted burglaries. The data actually revealed he’d brazenly parked right outside two properties. We were even able to calculate just how long he’d taken to break in, in one case from the moment he’d turned the engine off and then restarted the car was just nine minutes.”

“Put simply, if it hadn’t been for the fact the vehicle was equipped with a tracking device, Everitt would not have been successfully convicted for 14 burglaries.”

A spokesman for Essex Police, added: “We are extremely grateful for the invaluable assistance from Trak Global Solutions with this investigation. The evidence provided not only confirmed the suspicions of our officers surrounding the initial investigation, but ensured we were able to solve and bring to a conclusion 13 unsolved house burglaries.”

Dave Turnock, Operations Director for Trak Global Solutions, said: “It’s remarkable to think that good old fashioned policing combined so effectively with our state-of-the-art technology to convict this thief.

“But there is a serious message here, Everitt is proof that thieves are legitimately hiring vehicles from totally unsuspecting rental companies in the hope that they can carry out their crimes with an air of normality and without raising suspicions.”

He added: “Fortunately, the hirer had chosen to equip his fleet with our GPS tracking system, we were delighted to help assist Essex Police with their investigation which resulted in a successful conclusion.”