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30th August 2019

Trak Global Group completes significant minority investment from Three Hills Capital Partners

New growth capital investment of over £40m will accelerate the development of new products and services via IMS’ DriveSync 6 platform, benefitting the Group’s clients across insurance, mobility, automotive OEMs and governments. Company confirms that its focus will be on supporting rapid growth in the N. American territory; also considering further acquisition activity. IMS now… Read more


5th July 2019

How autonomous, electric and shared mobility vehicles plus IoT connectivity are shaping tyre development

One aspect of tyres will never change, even if affordable flying vehicles do become a reality. Tyres will always remain vitally important, as they are the only parts of a car, van or larger vehicle that directly contact the road. As TyreSafe, the UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of tyre safety, explains1: “safety in… Read more


26th June 2019

How Big Data is shaping various sectors in 2019

Big data is a term that has increasingly been used in widespread forums over recent years and has perhaps grown in public consciousness through its discussed use in elections and even Brexit. The Institute of Physics defines1 big data as ‘a term describing the storage and analysis of large amounts of data which is frequently… Read more


17th June 2019

Newly introduced and forthcoming plug-in hybrids ideal for fleets

Despite appreciating the reasoning behind experts’ opinions such as Arval consultant David Watts, who wrote for Fleet World1 that there’s “no need to panic over clean air and ultra-low emissions zones” on the grounds that only Birmingham’s forthcoming charges look set to include cars like London’s ULEZ, we concurrently agree with the Energy Saving Trust2… Read more


24th January 2019

The latest ADAS of note and remarkable systems in the pipeline as showcased at CES 2019

Although misconceptions exist amongst general motorists over ‘advanced driver assistance systems’ (ADAS) indicating that a car is autonomous or ‘driverless’, as highlighted by a Euro NCAP, Global NCAP and Thatcham Research study1 late last year, such technologies have fast become part and parcel of decisions for many fleet managers. Examples of ADAS include2 adaptive cruise… Read more


30th January 2019

Road safety snapshot with a global perspective

A core aim at the heart of Trak Global Group’s activities is playing a part in making roads safer, our portfolio including Carrot, our young driver insurance brand through which we’ve reduced accidents among the UK’s newly qualified drivers by 42%, and Appy Fleet, our at-work telematics app. With a reach encompassing fifteen countries, from… Read more


4th December 2018

Mental health and driver safety in today’s technology-assisted world of fleet management

The recent report entitled ‘It’s good to talk: caring about mental health’ from Venson Automotive Solutions is extremely encouraging1, the wellbeing and safety of at-work and general drivers being at the heart of Trak Global Group’s telematics and other products and solutions. Statistics from all perspectives are unarguably humbling and motivating. Human resources personnel deal… Read more