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23rd June 2017

What’s the latest in the world of autonomous vehicles?

Whether you’re someone who agrees with views like those of The Scotsman’s Jim Duffy1 who perceives that “this driverless cars malarkey is coming to a road near you faster than you think” or you’re a little more sceptical, aligned with someone like Chris Spear2, president of the American Trucking Association, who recently stated that autonomous… Read more


19th May 2017

With brownouts from EV clusters still a concern following charging trials could solar power be a key solution?

It’s fascinating to learn of the various electric vehicle charging and ownership trials already in the bag, currently under way and in the pipeline here in the UK, where wannabe participants typically scramble to get their names down with Black Friday levels of determination. Cynics might pipe up pointing out that human nature always helps… Read more


27th April 2017

How cameras, sensors and crowdsourced data are helping combat potholes

Along with soap operas, gardening, football and most definitely the ever-changing weather, another topic that crops up more and more in British conversations is that of potholes, a ubiquitous blight causing plenty of damage, expense, injury and even death. Potholes are something that all motorists, cyclists and people who travel by public transport can relate… Read more


14th May 2017

The latest headlines in Big Data across diverse industries

As a company immersed in data and technology, we are always excited to see what fascinating developments are coming to fruition in other sectors thanks to the ever-enhancing collection and analysis of big data. Here are the news stories that caught our eye this time around. Seed breeding In the US states of Iowa and… Read more


29th March 2017

Geneva Motor Show 2017 tech that caught our attention

Geneva is widely known for an array of heart-racing automotive exotica on show from hypercar manufacturers like Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Pugani and electric-touting newcomers like Rimac, but as an innovative telematics and insurance solutions company whose staff live and breathe big data and the internet of things, it’s the tech announcements that primarily get us salivating,… Read more


28th March 2017

Request a VIP copy of our AutoTech Disruption Report 2017

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid innovation not seen since the invention of the mass-produced car. We are entering a time of increasing connectivity, automation and competition across the industry, driven by exceptional advances in technology and a major shift in customer expectations. Our report identifies the challenges and opportunities faced… Read more


27th March 2017

Trak Global Group to speak at the Insurance Times Innovation & Disruption Conference in May ‘17

Trak Global Group (TGG), the leading UK telematics technology business, will tell the story of its successful customer engagement strategy at the Insurance Times Innovation and Disruption Conference in London on 23 May 2017. Andrew Brown-Allan, TGG’s chief marketing officer, will cite Carrot, the young driver business launched by TGG in 2012, as a market… Read more


16th February 2017

Will telematics, connected and driverless cars help households to enjoy more disposable income?

Whatever happens politically, economically and otherwise on the world stage, one thing that matters to a huge chunk of us, from singletons and young families to those with grown-up children along with people in retirement, is the feeling of stronger financial security and having more disposable income for the finer things in life. With many… Read more


3rd February 2017

Telematics car insurance is becoming a family affair

In the most basic terms, ‘telematics’ is the name given to technology that uses telecommunications to send digital information to a distant piece of hardware for processing and analysis. Trak Global was founded on telematics back in 2009, with the vision of harnessing the technology to ease the insurance claims process.   With products and… Read more


1st February 2017

The ten hottest tech announcements from CES 2017

Las Vegas may well be synonymous with casinos and stupidly grandiose hotels first and foremost, but it also plays host to the Consumer Electronics Show every January. At a fantastically busy time for our businesses, nobody from Trak Global Group was able to attend CES 2017 in the flesh, but you can be sure that… Read more