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24th November 2018

Evaluating the multipronged approach to cleaning up and modernising commercial vehicles

Performance targets are ubiquitous in every corner of today’s world, from school children right through to entire governments and indeed unions like the EU – and few targets achieve such prolific coverage as those pertaining to emissions and air pollution. With all manner of localities, products and organisations under the microscope, a key area of… Read more


19th July 2018

How can fleet managers keep young at-work drivers safer behind the wheel?

Today’s fleet managers are ever more aware of and alert to the duty of care their personnel deserve and the increased penalties attracted under corporate culpability, at-work driving including grey fleet drivers and occasional journeys. Fleet drivers are often thought of as being older, so it’s very encouraging that road safety charity Brake has published… Read more


15th March 2018

Reflecting on the latest batch of statistics involving the use of mobile phones while driving

March 2017 saw tougher measures introduced in a bid to more swiftly reduce the dangerous habit of using a mobile phone while driving. Anyone caught since that date technically faces a £200 fine and 6 licence penalty points – double the previous sanctions. Do it a second time and disqualification looms large. How do other… Read more


15th February 2018

Why isn’t hydrogen fuel cell car development being pursued more keenly?

According to Sewell Research’s latest barometer, 30% of fleets anticipate introducing hybrid and 7% all-electric power within a year, while fresh SMMT data finds fleets are turning their backs on diesel faster than expected1. The new breed of EVs certainly offer more useable ranges and shorter recharging times, the new Nissan Leaf for example now… Read more


16th January 2018

While these fresh driver behaviour statistics may in reality single out a very small number of motorists, one crash or life lost is too many

With a full twelve months’ worth of data to crunch, the New Year typically brings with it an array of surveys and opinion polls. Our Group portfolio including a young driver insurance company and a fleet telematics business, we’re especially interested in road safety and driver behaviour statistics – and although examining the figures more… Read more


4th January 2018

Surprising findings point to 20mph zones perhaps not increasing safety as much as anticipated

Along with speedbumps, mini roundabouts, potholes and vehicles sat idling outside public buildings, 20mph zones are something that today’s motorists have come to accept when driving through urban areas. They were first documented by the DfT in 1990, with early adopter regions including Sheffield, Kingston upon Thames and Norwich in the nineties1. Through a mix… Read more


22nd December 2017

Should rear daytime running lights be made mandatory if drivers and pedestrians face increased risks during winter months and in the dark?

As with everything in life, darker nights have their pros and cons. To many, it can feel irresistibly alluring to be able to close the curtains much earlier than at other times of the year and snuggle up by the fire in their PJs to watch one of the myriad streamed box sets. Large numbers… Read more


24th August 2017

The latest car safety technologies being made legally mandatory would be a hugely positive step forward

With the trickle-down effect from Formula One, growing pressure from diverse voices, public expectation and indeed regulatory law, vehicles are thankfully continuously being made safer, protecting road users and pedestrians alike. Over 1,700 people were killed in British road collisions in 2015 and we wholeheartedly agree with Volvo’s Vision 20201 and Continental’s Vision Zero2 strategies,… Read more


8th August 2017

Chewing the fat over the plan to ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2040

It’s unarguable that decisive moves need to be made to improve air quality for current and future generations here in the UK, against a backdrop of an estimated 40,000 premature deaths1 occurring annually as a result of illegal levels of toxic air pollution, which also has a cost in economic terms. The government’s announcement Private… Read more


23rd July 2017

The many benefits and few slight catches over ADAS featuring in increasing numbers of car and commercial fleets

We’re as delighted as most organisations to have witnessed the proliferation of advanced driver assistance systems – or ADAS – over the last few years, contributing heavily to making our roads safer until fully autonomous vehicles and their prerequisite infrastructure arrive. New ADAS technologies are emerging all the time but core functionalities include adaptive cruise… Read more