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16th September 2019

Nino Tarantino Joins Trak Global Group as CEO of IMS (Americas)

Insurance Telematics Leader to Grow Presence across the Americas Trak Global Group [‘TGG’], one of the world’s leading telematics technology companies with operations in the UK, Europe, and North America, has appointed Nino Tarantino CEO of IMS (Americas). The hire is a key next step in TGG’s rapid-growth strategy in North America. It follows the… Read more


21st December 2018

The latest OEM strides, statistics and governmental moves in the race to clean up vehicular emissions

With a swathe of voices and hearts ranging from governments, global corporations and NGOs to smaller campaign groups and sympathetic individuals having set their hopes on the 2015 Paris Agreement to irreversibly begin reducing CO2 emissions, short-term wishes were significantly dampened earlier this month. Many hoped that the 1.6% increase in global carbon emissions during… Read more


9th April 2018

What’s new in the world of big data? We round up some remarkable developments

Away from recent negative headlines surrounding how a small number of companies may have used the world’s largest social media platform to influence elections, ‘big data’ continues to be harnessed in a wide variety of very positive ways. Big data converted into sound One of the most remarkable latest developments is the sonification of big… Read more


29th March 2018

Trak Global Group launches Carrot Insurance’s New Driver in Canada

Trak Global Group, the UK’s leading telematics technology company, has launched a Carrot-branded young driver product in Canada. The smartphone app based product “Drive with Carrot”, is being exclusively distributed via InsureMy Inc., a Calgary-based insurance broker, who are a market leader in the management and delivery of data based insurance products (motor insurance is… Read more


20th March 2018

Geneva 2018 – plenty of fuel for thought as manufacturers’ differing takes dilute clarity

In the first part of our Geneva International Motor Show 2018 roundup, we resisted the ridiculously fast hyper cars with predictably sensational price tags and focussed on models that will be making their way onto organisations’ fleets in the near future, along with fleet-focussed technology for today’s connected world, plus a remarkable tyre concept with… Read more


20th March 2018

Geneva 2018 – models and technology of interest to fleet managers and company car drivers

Taking our customary look at the Geneva International Motor Show, widely regarded as the most important each year, what concepts, reveals, announcements and technical developments stood out in 2018 that are of particular interest to fleet managers and company car drivers? In the first part of our Geneva roundup, we look at models and technology… Read more


28th January 2018

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 roundup part 2 – technology

Exciting developments for the automotive market are naturally the primary focus for us when it comes to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with technological advances often eventually trickling down to the vehicles driven by our fleet, young driver and other end users. In the second of our CES 2018 roundups, the emphasis is on… Read more


16th December 2017

How is the maritime sector mirroring the automotive in reducing emissions, becoming more efficient and lessening its environmental impact in other ways?

Through our activities in providing services and solutions to car and van fleets small and large throughout the UK and other parts of the world, fuel efficiency, emissions and connected technology are key focuses, with telematics hardware and software along with bolstered training efforts and alternative powertrains helping to change driver behaviour in ways that… Read more


15th November 2017

Tangible and imminent mobility benefits evident in the technology revealed at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show inevitably still saw a healthy lineup of the usual adrenaline-pumping supercars, sports cars, grand tourers and wacky concepts showcased, from the ultra-sleek Mazda Vision Coupe1 and throaty Subaru Viziv Performance concept2 to Suzuki’s e-Survivor3 SUV concept and Mitsubishi Electric’s Emirai 4†. As a telematics and insurance solutions group, though, what primarily piques our interest… Read more


23rd November 2017

How fintech is shaking up banking and making life easier for consumers, businesses and specific groups throughout the world

Just as there are plenty of game-changing developments continuously happening in the automotive and insurance sectors helped by technology such as smartphones, sensors and radars combined with vast amounts of data, disruptive financial technology or ‘fintech’ is equally seeing tremendous strides being made. Banks and other financial organisations are increasingly viewing fintech pioneers less as… Read more