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20th June 2018

Trak Global hosts BVRLA terrorism awareness workshop

On 14th June 2018, Trak Global welcomed over 15 guests for a BVRLA terrorism awareness workshop in its Crewe head office. Forming part of Project Griffin, the government-backed counter terrorism awareness initiative for businesses produced by NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office), the workshop aimed to equip vehicle and rental leasing companies with information and… Read more


4th May 2018

How Mobility as a Service is reshaping the automotive and associated industries along with society as a whole

Formerly a somewhat bland banner focussed largely on public transport, ‘mobility’ is now the umbrella under which an absolutely vibrant and fascinating shift is taking place. From car-sharing and ride-hailing services to ‘first mile’ and ‘last mile’ solutions, the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) revolution is starting to reshape not just the automotive world but… Read more


3rd April 2018

How is the new WLTP emissions test already having an impact on fleets?

Over the last few decades, it’s fair to say that very few private and at-work motorists will have seen their vehicles achieve or exceed the ‘MPG’ figures cited in manufacturers’ marketing and other material. Why this traditional disparity between published and real-world MPG and CO2 figures? Putting individuals’ driving styles to one side, a significant… Read more


19th March 2018

The de-fleet process’ changing landscape and what today’s fleet managers need to balance

While contract hire, commonly referred to as leasing, remains the most widely utilised method for fleet vehicle acquisition, a healthy chunk of organisations still purchase their cars and vans outright. The document ‘UK Fleet Industry Review April 2017’ produced by experteye and the University of Buckingham puts the UK’s latest figures at 53% for contract… Read more


13th March 2018

Electric cars are very much here and vans are improving, but what about heavy HGVs?

The passenger car sector has made significant strides in overcoming the ‘range anxiety’ that has deterred certain motorists from placing their trust and investing their finances in electric cars, with real-world electric ranges of over 200 miles now commonly being announced. In the world of commercial vehicles, however, even the latest breed of larger electric… Read more


16th February 2018

Exciting ‘new’ mobility products opening up for fleet managers

Over the last half a dozen years in particular, the UK has seen vehicle leasing or ‘contract hire’ proliferate among not just business customers but also private motorists. Q3 2017 ended with the BVRLA citing 2.5% growth in leasing across business fleets, while the entire market grew 6%, contributed to by a whopping 28% surge… Read more


10th January 2018

Telematics’ role in reassuring buyers amidst the UK’s used car scandal

Buying a used car is for many people one of the largest purchases or financial commitments they will make in their lifetime. Although industry voices and indeed well-meaning relatives and friends usually encourage caution to anyone on the verge of shaking hands on a car they think ticks all the boxes, emotions can sometimes cloud… Read more


6th December 2017

Anglian Water wins Appy Fleet’s ‘Perfect Ten’ challenge

Drivers from Anglian Water have won the ‘Perfect Ten’ challenge competition designed by Trak Global Group’s (TGG) Appy Fleet team to promote UK Road Safety Week. Their ten best-performing drivers will receive an F1-style VIP karting experience. Andrew Brown-Allan, from TGG, explained that dozens of fleets from around the UK took part in a competition… Read more


30th November 2017

What alternative fuels are being developed and promoted for light commercial vehicles?

There are over 4 million vans on UK roads1, around a quarter of them operated by end user fleets rather than rental firms and private individuals†, and the BVRLA regularly reports high-teens growth in the LCV leasing sector2. In the report ‘UK Fleet Industry Review – April 2017’ by experteye and The University of Buckingham3,… Read more


14th November 2017

Diesel makes something of a comeback in the race to develop viable and alternative fuels

Last week, a survey of almost 20,000 AA members revealed that a sizeable third of them are seriously contemplating switching from diesel and also petrol over to electric for their next car purchase1. Chargemaster, who will be working in close partnership with the AA, believes that the UK has “passed the tipping point for electric… Read more