9th December 2015

Carrot wins Prince Michael International Road Safety Award

Carrot Insurance, the telematics-based insurance provider specialising in young and newly qualified drivers, has been awarded the prestigious Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award for 2015. 

The company received the award from HRH Prince Michael on 8 December at an event attended by over 300 road safety professionals.

Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards (PMIRSA) recognise outstanding achievement and innovation worldwide and give public recognition to those who have made a demonstrable impact on road safety standards.

The judging panel acknowledged Carrot’s philosophy of encouraging safe driving through cash rewards linked to safe driving as measured by the ‘i-box’ telematics system provided by Trak Global, Carrot’s sister company. This ‘Carrot rather than stick’ approach, coupled with a dedicated risk management team, has delivered a 42% reduction in accident frequency when compared with a young driver insurance book with no telematics-led intervention.

Nick Corrie, Managing Director of Carrot, said:

“We’re incredibly proud that our efforts to help keep young drivers safe have been recognised in this way – it’s a real honour to receive such an accolade but what is more important is what it represents in the number of accidents avoided.

Any road death is an utter tragedy but when young people have their lives tragically cut short it is even more poignant. The i-box telematics system that Carrot uses was the brainchild of Kamran Mahmoudzadeh – Trak’s Technical Director – with whom I founded Trak with over 6 years ago.

Kam tragically lost his 18 year old son Anoush in a car accident on New Year’s Day 2007 and this terrible experience has provided very clear focus for all of the Carrot team.”

Kamran added:

“Every single tragedy that we prevent by encouraging safer driving amongst new drivers will save a family from experiencing the grief my family and I will endure for the rest of our lives. I am so grateful to Prince Michael for highlighting and recognising our success in helping to reduce and avoid these terrible tragedies.”

Commenting on the award, Adrian Walsh, Director of the scheme, said “This year judges were particularly impressed by the clear evidence of positive changes in behaviour amongst drivers using telematics systems. We are delighted that Carrot is a product that is seen by Government as a technology that can manage novice driver risk in a more bespoke way without restricting the freedoms of all young people by treating each young driver as an individual with their own distinct risk profile.”