Carrot Insurance has announced further measures to help its customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Carrot director Andrew Brown-Allan said the measures “recognise the incredible work many of our customers are doing to support their local communities, from critical NHS workers to care assistants, to customers who are helping to care for elderly relatives who are self-isolating.”

Andrew continued: “The insurance industry has been under a lot of pressure in recent weeks, but at Carrot we’re on the front foot and trying to do what we can to help proactively. With the support of our major insurer partners, we can give extra assistance to our customers who need their cars for essential work”.

The move follows Carrot’s decision earlier this week to support the “Stay at Home – Save Lives” initiative by giving additional rewards to their customers who don’t drive at all over the Easter week. Andrew said: “It’s equally important to offer support to our customers who do need to drive in order to help other people, especially as we have over 10% of our insured customers who are identified as key workers under Government guidance.”

The measures being offered by Carrot include:

Andrew said: “The insurance industry has been criticised for inflexibility, but our approach is to continuously look for ways to make life easier for our customers wherever possible.”

“We can do this because all our customers are using telematics devices which provide us with data that helps us identify where support is needed – for example, we had a case earlier this week where we could see that an NHS worker running was running out of miles, so we topped her up at no extra cost. We added some emotional intelligence to our artificial intelligence. The crisis has demonstrated that traditional insurance can not only be flat-footed when the situation is changing daily, but most insurers are also working blind – they simply don’t connect with their customers like we do.”

He added: “The COVID-19 crisis is going to change the way that consumers look at motor insurance. In future, they simply won’t want to pay for cars that sit on driveways for most of the week. I’m confident we’ll see a surge in demand for usage-based insurance products, like the ones designed by Carrot, better suited for the post-pandemic changes in mobility that we’re certain to see. It might just be that it’s the most unlikely of circumstances – a global pandemic – that finally drives UBI into the mass market.”


About Carrot Insurance (Carrot)

Carrot Insurance (Carrot) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trak Global Group (TGG). In the UK, Carrot is an award-winning B2C telematics insurance provider, but the underpinning platform has now been made available internationally to enable any organisation seeking to take a UBI proposition to market to do so quickly and with a high degree of configurability.

By using telematics hardware and smartphone apps to provide feedback, messaging and rewards to incentivise better driving behaviours, the Carrot approach is proven to help reduce claims frequency – this in turn reduces insurance premiums for policyholders and increases customer satisfaction, and reduces losses for insurers.

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