Our Brands

In addition to acting as an outsourcing partner for a wide array of organisations seeking to leverage the power of telematics, Trak Global Group has also created a suite of branded propositions. These brands include Carrot Rewarding Insurance, one of the UK’s leading providers of Usage-Based Insurance aimed at young drivers, and Appy Fleet, a ground-breaking tool enabling fleet managers to significantly improve the management of their workforce behind the wheel.

Carrot Insurance

Carrot Insurance is our UK retail insurance brand, which was launched in 2012. Today, Carrot Insurance provides its retail customers with access to engaging data about their driving performance by using a variety of existing and aftermarket technologies. They have access via a variety of intuitive dashboards available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, which records and analyses their driving performance.

This behaviour is linked to tangible rewards, such as premium refunds or free gifts, i.e. pizza or cinema tickets. These rewards provide an incentive for drivers to improve their driving style and as such they become a tangible reason for safe drivers to renew with the Carrot Insurance, year on year.

Carrot’s insurers benefit from the use of this technology in a number of ways. Use of telematics discourages poor drivers from purchasing the insurance product, which creates a selection benefit to the insurer. The driving score algorithm used is highly predictive of loss, so the use of the incentive programmes rapidly reduces accident frequency. For the small proportion of drivers who do exhibit high risk driving behaviours, risk management interventions are made which enable insurers to control their exposure in a transparent, fair and FCA compliant way.

In the event of an accident in an insured vehicle, the telematics data is used to support both the insurer and customer by providing objective information which can achieve an equitable settlement more rapidly than with conventional insurance.

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Appy Fleet

Developed by Trak Global Group, Appy Fleet is a ground-breaking app-based telematics solution, built on our proprietary PhoneBox platform, designed to help businesses manage their workforce behind the wheel. Launched in 2016, it is being used by safety-conscious organisations of all sizes in the USA and France as well as the UK, and scaling rapidly across the world.

The Appy Fleet solution is made up of a Manager Portal and a Driver App, and helps businesses improve driver safety, reduce accident rates, save money on fuel bills and optimise overall efficiency of their fleet and mobile teams. With no hardware or installation costs and the ability to be deployed across an entire workforce almost immediately, the easy-to-use solution is rapidly disrupting the worlds of fleet management and telematics. And in a bid to help businesses operate safer fleets and fulfil its aim of making roads safer, Appy Fleet offers its core solution absolutely free.

The Manager Portal, accessible through any browser, is configured to let users quickly and intuitively navigate their way around the information that identifies the greatest requirements for intervention, and includes an overview dashboard, live tracking, journey reports, driver behaviour league tables, and more. The Driver App meanwhile, available for free on iOS, Android and Windows, turns each employee’s smartphone into an accurate GPS data-gathering device, and engages drivers with their scoring – key to delivering behavioural improvement and, in turn, increasing vehicle efficiency.

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