6th December 2017

Anglian Water wins Appy Fleet’s ‘Perfect Ten’ challenge

Drivers from Anglian Water have won the ‘Perfect Ten’ challenge competition designed by Trak Global Group’s (TGG) Appy Fleet team to promote UK Road Safety Week. Their ten best-performing drivers will receive an F1-style VIP karting experience.

Andrew Brown-Allan, from TGG, explained that dozens of fleets from around the UK took part in a competition to find the country’s safest fleet drivers, using the Appy Fleet app to record their number of ‘Perfect 10’ journeys.

The competition attracted fleets from across financial services, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, automotive and utilities, where Anglian Water ran out as clear winners, scoring more perfect ten scores than anyone else.

Andrew said:

“The competition was designed to promote safe driving and raise money for charities Brake and UK Youth. The competing organisations and their drivers used the Appy Fleet app (a telematics black box in a smartphone) to score how well drivers performed on the road.”

“The app records speed, braking and acceleration, using complex algorithms to turn the data into safety scores. We decided to make a donation to charity for every Perfect 10 journey, and are therefore delighted to announce we will be donating over £8,000 in total to charities Brake and UK Youth. A big congratulations to all drivers involved.”

Andrew added that one in three road traffic accidents in the UK each year involved someone driving for business.

“We want to see that number reduce. Fleet managers can use Appy Fleet to increase road safety among their business drivers, as well as helping to save money on fuel, utilisation and insurance.”

Richard Green, Risk & Performance Manager at Anglian Water Services, said:

“We’re delighted to have won the Appy Fleet Perfect 10 Challenge for Road Safety Week and I want to thank our drivers for their fabulous work scoring perfect 10 journeys. Road safety is of paramount importance to Anglian Water and it’s great to be able to show our commitment whilst contributing to a very worthy charitable donation.”