Our Companies

Trak Global Telematics

Trak Global Telematics maintains and configures a telematics platform that provides actionable data to rental companies, fleets, insurers, and other auto sector companies.

We build, design, create and collaborate to provide insurers with platforms, portals, apps, and data which enhances traditional underwriting factors enabling insurers to deliver sustainable profitable performance, as well as intervene with customers to reduce risk of accidents.

Our claims portals provide Claims Agents with accident detection notifications and the actionable data and insight that enables faster liability decisions, detect fraud, and progress towards litigation where appropriate.

Trak Labs

Based in Manchester city centre, Trak Labs is a focal point for the R&D and innovation activities undertaken by Trak Global Group.

Our aim is to reinforce our position as a thought-leader in the use of connected technologies and big data to help manage driver risk.

Trak Labs has a multi-skilled team dedicated to incubating both our own IP and collaborating with other organisations, from start-ups to academic institutions. The wide range of services includes anything from insight generation, proposition development and product design, to UX/UI design, prototyping and data analytics.

Part of our Manchester workspace is reserved for collab orative working, with our doors open to any developer, entrepreneur or data scientist that wants to explore new opportunities in Insuretech, geotech and the IoT.

Trak Global Insurance Services

Trak Global Insurance Services (TGIS), provide the policy administration to the growing stable of insurance partners Trak Global Insurance Services works with. Our specialisms lie in the end to end administration and management of telematics propositions, specifically in relation to on-boarding, validation, in life and risk management.

TGIS can provide the full range of policy administration services in either a full service or modular fashion, working closely with our insurance partners to develop the most efficient bespoke model.

We have been providing telematics services for insurance companies since 2009 and have invested heavily in providing and developing our own technology, managing data and other services so that there is a complete end to end process with maximum effectiveness and little loss.