Month: October 2019


21st October 2019

Road usage charging to solve our transportation funding dilemma

Dr Ben Miners, Chief Innovation Scientist at IMS (a Trak Global Group company) Surface transportation is essential to our economy, both within the UK and globally, to enable the flow of goods and services. While our surface transportation infrastructure is pervasive, or perhaps because it is pervasive, its funding and maintenance is rarely considered by… Read more


9th October 2019

Depression, stress and anger can make drivers more likely to have accidents, according to new YouGov research to support Mental Health Awareness Day

More than 2000 people (2090) around the UK were asked about the links between state of mind and driving behaviour for the study, commissioned by Carrot Insurance, which found that: Around two thirds (66%) of people say their state of mind affects their driving Almost a quarter (23%) of young drivers aged 18-24 believe their… Read more