Month: May 2019


29th May 2019

Environmental, technological and other influences shaping the world of motorcycles as electric bike development accelerates

Although consumer motoring and fleet media predominantly focus on plug-in hybrid and electric cars, motorcycles very much remain a popular method of mobility throughout the world, so we discuss the latest market trends as emissions regulations, battery power and other forces rapidly shaping the car and van markets also permeate the two-wheeled sector. The current… Read more


22nd May 2019

The interaction of autonomous vehicles with their surroundings – what do the present and future look like?

With Elon Musk aiming for fully-autonomous ‘level 5’ Tesla models to be on the road as soon as next year1 – and with the UK government recently having expressed the wish to see “self-driving cars on our roads by 2021… on any road provided they are compliant with UK law”2 – autonomous vehicles (AVs) imminently… Read more


6th May 2019

Are traditional contract hire leases being phased out by short-term vehicle rental solutions?

A significant proportion of headlines and thought leadership commentary in leading fleet publications in recent weeks certainly paint a similar picture – that of the demise of traditional contract hire leases which, for the past couple of decades or so, have typically seen company car drivers keep the same vehicle for three or four years…. Read more


2nd May 2019

Trak Global Group celebrates triple shortlisting for prestigious international awards

Trak Global Group (TGG), a leader in telematics-enabled insurance and mobility solutions, has been selected as a 2019 finalist in two key industry awards, including multiple instances in the same category: 2019 Insurance Times Claims Excellence Award – for which TGG’s Claims as a Service (CaaS) offering is a contending finalist for the Claims Service… Read more