Month: November 2018


27th November 2018

What impact might the PiCG’s significant reduction have on fleets and motorists?

Introduced in 2011, the government’s Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) scheme was initially welcomed by the majority of motorists, automotive and environmental bodies and other voices. At face value, as a way of nudging UK drivers into greener vehicles, there was little not to like about the original PiCG1, which reduced the price of all plug-in… Read more


18th November 2018

Spotlight on the latest statistics and initiatives as Road Safety Week 2018 arrives

Road safety is one of Trak Global Group’s primary aims and focusses, evident through our products including Carrot Insurance and Appy Fleet, and we eagerly anticipate the theme of each year’s Road Safety Week from Brake, arguably one of the UK’s leading campaign groups. A perennial debate Brake certainly works tirelessly to keep road users,… Read more


24th November 2018

Evaluating the multipronged approach to cleaning up and modernising commercial vehicles

Performance targets are ubiquitous in every corner of today’s world, from school children right through to entire governments and indeed unions like the EU – and few targets achieve such prolific coverage as those pertaining to emissions and air pollution. With all manner of localities, products and organisations under the microscope, a key area of… Read more