Month: July 2017


23rd July 2017

The many benefits and few slight catches over ADAS featuring in increasing numbers of car and commercial fleets

We’re as delighted as most organisations to have witnessed the proliferation of advanced driver assistance systems – or ADAS – over the last few years, contributing heavily to making our roads safer until fully autonomous vehicles and their prerequisite infrastructure arrive. New ADAS technologies are emerging all the time but core functionalities include adaptive cruise… Read more


18th July 2017

Could parking frustrations be hindering the UK economy?

Have a guess at how many working days the average UK motorist wastes each year hunting for parking spaces? According to a survey by traffic update provider, Inrix, the answer startlingly tots up to just shy of six business days – 44 hours to be precise. In London, the figure actually comes to a whopping… Read more


11th July 2017

Trak Global Group in the news after calling on policymakers to investigate how telematics can help combat terrorism

Trak Global Group (TGG) has been in the news after calling on policymakers to sponsor a discussion on the role telematics technology could play in countering crime and terrorism, following attacks on the public by terrorists using vehicles. The Times interviewed TGG director Andrew Brown-Allan for the story, written by transport correspondent Graeme Paton. Andrew… Read more


3rd July 2017

Trak Global calls for telematics to be used in the fight against terrorism

Trak Global Group (TGG), the Cheshire-based telematics technology company, has urged policymakers and law enforcement agencies to partner with the sector and explore how telematics could help prevent terrorist outrages, where a vehicle is hijacked and driven into crowds of people. Andrew Brown-Allan, director of Trak Labs, the company’s research division, explained there is potential… Read more