Month: June 2017


23rd June 2017

What’s the latest in the world of autonomous vehicles?

Whether you’re someone who agrees with views like those of The Scotsman’s Jim Duffy1 who perceives that “this driverless cars malarkey is coming to a road near you faster than you think” or you’re a little more sceptical, aligned with someone like Chris Spear2, president of the American Trucking Association, who recently stated that autonomous… Read more


11th June 2017

Eye tests, iPhones, lease maintenance packages and Data Protection – a day in the life of a fleet manager

The UK’s fleet managers are working harder than ever at a time when more and more automotive technology, legislation, safety initiatives and other challenges are appearing on the radar. Okay, it’s fair to say that being able to consolidate all vehicular, driver and other data in a centralised fleet management system takes at least some… Read more


19th June 2017

A realistic outlook on how UK fleets will likely change during the next few years amidst growing pressure to adopt AFVs

Europe is unified on few topics in the current Brexit climate, but reducing air pollution as rapidly as possible is one of them. Athens and Madrid recently stood shoulder to shoulder at the C40 conference1 alongside Paris to announce their plans to make diesel cars and vans things of the past on their respective roads… Read more


6th June 2017

Luxury vehicle rental firms increasingly targeted by criminal gangs

A mere few weeks ago, a six-figure Bentley Continental GT was stolen by a Dutch car rental company’s seemingly bona fide customer. The thief wasted no time in driving across into Germany and then on to Denmark, before ending up in Lithuania, where the tracking signal was lost. The case was highlighted by Dr Ken… Read more


1st June 2017

Appy Fleet named as a Leading Global Innovator in 2017 Disrupt 100

Appy Fleet, the app-based telematics tool developed by Trak Global Group, has been selected as one of the top 100 ventures with the potential to disrupt markets globally. Disrupt 100 is an index compiled by Tällt Ventures, a global data intelligence and innovation company, celebrating the ventures with the most potential to influence, change or… Read more