Month: May 2017


31st May 2017

How connected autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service will help ease the UK’s mental health landscape and potentially boost employment

Pick up a newspaper, browse any number of websites or switch on the TV and it won’t be long before an article relating to mental health will come into view, as the subject is regularly debated here in the UK at the moment. Poor mental health amongst van drivers As a telematics, vehicle tracking and… Read more


19th May 2017

With brownouts from EV clusters still a concern following charging trials could solar power be a key solution?

It’s fascinating to learn of the various electric vehicle charging and ownership trials already in the bag, currently under way and in the pipeline here in the UK, where wannabe participants typically scramble to get their names down with Black Friday levels of determination. Cynics might pipe up pointing out that human nature always helps… Read more


17th May 2017

Telematics can play a key role in reversing the sharp increase in motoring fines among business drivers

Lex Autolease, the UK’s largest vehicle leasing and fleet management company, regularly publishes insightful research relating to many different aspects of business motoring – and its latest findings1 will be of concern to some fleet managers. Following a study involving over 350,000 business vehicles throughout the UK, Lex has identified that company car and van… Read more


10th May 2017

Trak Global named in Greater Manchester Fastest 50

Trak Global Group (TGG), the telematics technology company headquartered in Crewe, has been named as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in the Greater Manchester area, according to law firm Ward Hadaway’s Greater Manchester Fastest 50 for 2017. The award, which comes shortly after TGG was named in March as one of the top… Read more


14th May 2017

The latest headlines in Big Data across diverse industries

As a company immersed in data and technology, we are always excited to see what fascinating developments are coming to fruition in other sectors thanks to the ever-enhancing collection and analysis of big data. Here are the news stories that caught our eye this time around. Seed breeding In the US states of Iowa and… Read more