Month: April 2017


8th April 2017

Fleet drivers and managers encouraged to heed tyre pressure monitoring warnings after a 212% rise in TPMS-related MoT failures

As with pretty much all automotive technology features, whether relating to entertainment or, more importantly, safety, it was the sports and luxury car sector that had the first bite at tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) back in 1986, with the Porsche 9591. Car historians unanimously agree that the 959 was a technological tour de force,… Read more


27th April 2017

How cameras, sensors and crowdsourced data are helping combat potholes

Along with soap operas, gardening, football and most definitely the ever-changing weather, another topic that crops up more and more in British conversations is that of potholes, a ubiquitous blight causing plenty of damage, expense, injury and even death. Potholes are something that all motorists, cyclists and people who travel by public transport can relate… Read more


18th April 2017

As JLR and Shell introduce in-car cashless fuel payment tech, we look at the trends and implications

If one happens to be in a hurry, it’s immensely frustrating to trot over to a fuel station shop only to encounter a seemingly stagnant queue, with ‘pay-at-the-pump’ card payment facilities not offered at many forecourts, including those run by major players. Convenience is king in today’s connected world, and even back in 2012 when… Read more


7th April 2017

Telematics and the war on terror

France, Germany, England, and Sweden – these are not just countries that I have visited recently, but sadly each of these countries have experienced terrorist attacks resulting in over 100 deaths.  My heart is burdened for the victims and their loved ones.  It is a brutal reality to see innocent lives destroyed.  My thoughts and… Read more


6th April 2017

Trak Global lands another technology award

Trak Global Group (TGG), the telematics technology company based in Crewe, has been recognised as one of the top five fastest growing technology companies in the North of England. Receiving the award last Thursday, Ed Rochfort, managing director of Carrot Insurance, which is part of TGG and provides telematics insurance to young people via black… Read more


3rd April 2017

A snapshot of what’s hot in the world of InsurTech

Except for a tiny minority of Luddite voices with sentiments to the contrary, more or less everyone has seen technology enhance their lives in one way or another, from household chores and booking travel tickets made easier to entertainment brought closer and admittedly blander things like banking made more engaging. If The Fast Show’s Paul… Read more