Month: February 2017


28th February 2017

The focus on pushing the UK’s grey fleet further into the shade

Rather like the political stage, which has seen game-changing shifts in the forms of Brexit and Trump over the last nine months, the motoring scene is also morphing briskly. This is not just occurring in more obvious ways like autonomous and electric vehicle development or April’s VED rise, but more subtly, too. Over the last… Read more


24th February 2017

Trak Global Group joins government-backed Future Fifty programme

Trak Global Group, one of the fast-growing technology companies in the UK, has accepted a place on Tech City UK’s Future Fifty. The scheme is backed by the government and supports 50 of the country’s leading late stage technology companies. Nick Corrie, Trak Global’s CEO, said his company was one of 26 businesses newly accepted… Read more


23rd February 2017

How telematics can ease the ‘ticking time bomb’ of spiralling UK van traffic

In September of last year, the Institute of Advanced Motorists issued a press release labelling UK van traffic as a ‘ticking accident time bomb’1 based on a confluence of troubling figures identifying van drivers as relatively culpable mobile phone users behind the wheel and a continued surge in light commercial vehicle road use. The DfT’s… Read more


21st February 2017

Musing over LeasePlan’s recent poll into why many UK SMEs still aren’t making a beeline towards vehicle leasing

Just like the way in which mortgage advisors operate, for example, the majority of the multitude of car leasing companies that have sprung up in the UK in recent years act as brokers, the finance for vehicles leased on business or personal contract hire ultimately arranged by a small group of funders. For anyone with… Read more


16th February 2017

Will telematics, connected and driverless cars help households to enjoy more disposable income?

Whatever happens politically, economically and otherwise on the world stage, one thing that matters to a huge chunk of us, from singletons and young families to those with grown-up children along with people in retirement, is the feeling of stronger financial security and having more disposable income for the finer things in life. With many… Read more


3rd February 2017

Telematics car insurance is becoming a family affair

In the most basic terms, ‘telematics’ is the name given to technology that uses telecommunications to send digital information to a distant piece of hardware for processing and analysis. Trak Global was founded on telematics back in 2009, with the vision of harnessing the technology to ease the insurance claims process.   With products and… Read more


1st February 2017

The ten hottest tech announcements from CES 2017

Las Vegas may well be synonymous with casinos and stupidly grandiose hotels first and foremost, but it also plays host to the Consumer Electronics Show every January. At a fantastically busy time for our businesses, nobody from Trak Global Group was able to attend CES 2017 in the flesh, but you can be sure that… Read more