Month: January 2017


5th January 2017

Trak Global presents Carrot’s ‘engagement story’ at Dubai World Insurance Congress

Trak Global (TGG), the leading UK telematics technology company, has briefed delegates at the Dubai World Insurance Congress on the lessons and successes of its Carrot young driver brand. Over 500 delegates at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, including some of the biggest names in global insurance, heard TGG chief marketing officer Andrew Brown-Allan explain how… Read more


30th January 2017

An Appy solution for the BVRLA’s concerns over connected car data

The grass certainly doesn’t grow under the feet of car and van manufacturers or indeed technology firms, with advancements in smart vehicles, the internet of things, telematics and big data coming along thick and fast. We’ve already reached the point where so many things from buildings and other inanimate objects to bicycles and even toothbrushes… Read more


16th January 2017

Smart cities say ‘on your bike!’ to potholes

The bane of motorists’, fleet managers’ and councils’ lives, potholes blight towns and cities across the UK, creating damage, anger and budgetary upheaval. Technology is coming up with answers to so many challenges these days, though, and is even starting to contribute to the fight against potholes thanks to advances in smart bikes, smart cities,… Read more