Year: 2017


22nd December 2017

Should rear daytime running lights be made mandatory if drivers and pedestrians face increased risks during winter months and in the dark?

As with everything in life, darker nights have their pros and cons. To many, it can feel irresistibly alluring to be able to close the curtains much earlier than at other times of the year and snuggle up by the fire in their PJs to watch one of the myriad streamed box sets. Large numbers… Read more


16th December 2017

How is the maritime sector mirroring the automotive in reducing emissions, becoming more efficient and lessening its environmental impact in other ways?

Through our activities in providing services and solutions to car and van fleets small and large throughout the UK and other parts of the world, fuel efficiency, emissions and connected technology are key focuses, with telematics hardware and software along with bolstered training efforts and alternative powertrains helping to change driver behaviour in ways that… Read more


12th December 2017

The escalation in ‘relay’ vehicle theft is a concern for rental and other fleets, but simple deterrents along with more advanced solutions will hopefully result in a decline

Much to the delight of scores of private and business motorists, most manufacturers offer keyless entry for some or all of the models in their ranges, with 95% of European car brands, for example, featuring the technology. ‘Smart key’ entry can be traced back to the early nineties when the Chevrolet Corvette boasted an early… Read more


7th December 2017

Having become commonplace among cars, hybrid, electric and other powertrains are now being explored for planes

This year has seen conventional non-plugin hybrid car sales leap by almost 50% in the UK1, with a smidgen short of 58,000 of them registered by the end of October 2017. Whereas fully electric cars don’t provide the mileage ranges and fast refuelling capabilities that many drivers require, hybrid cars combining a petrol or diesel… Read more


14th December 2017

Trak Global Group takes Amazon Growing Business Award for the second year running

Trak Global Group, the UK’s largest telematics technology company, has scooped the Real Business Award, sponsored by Amazon, for Business of the Year 2017, this time for Mid-Sized Business. Bob Skerrett, MD of the Telematics division, said: “It is hugely satisfying to win this award. In 2016 TGG won the smaller company award, and this… Read more


11th December 2017

Carrot wins ‘Claims Partner of the Year – Motor’ at Insurance Times awards

Carrot, the rewarding insurer for young drivers, has won the Insurance Times ‘Claims Partner of the Year – Motor’ award, for its work with Zurich Insurance. The Crewe-based company, which is part of the Trak Global Group, has had a strategic partnership with Zurich since 2012. Tim Spreadbury, Carrot’s Head of Claims said: “We are… Read more


6th December 2017

Anglian Water wins Appy Fleet’s ‘Perfect Ten’ challenge

Drivers from Anglian Water have won the ‘Perfect Ten’ challenge competition designed by Trak Global Group’s (TGG) Appy Fleet team to promote UK Road Safety Week. Their ten best-performing drivers will receive an F1-style VIP karting experience. Andrew Brown-Allan, from TGG, explained that dozens of fleets from around the UK took part in a competition… Read more


30th November 2017

What alternative fuels are being developed and promoted for light commercial vehicles?

There are over 4 million vans on UK roads1, around a quarter of them operated by end user fleets rather than rental firms and private individuals†, and the BVRLA regularly reports high-teens growth in the LCV leasing sector2. In the report ‘UK Fleet Industry Review – April 2017’ by experteye and The University of Buckingham3,… Read more


14th November 2017

Diesel makes something of a comeback in the race to develop viable and alternative fuels

Last week, a survey of almost 20,000 AA members revealed that a sizeable third of them are seriously contemplating switching from diesel and also petrol over to electric for their next car purchase1. Chargemaster, who will be working in close partnership with the AA, believes that the UK has “passed the tipping point for electric… Read more


3rd October 2017

The fascinating ways in which Big Data is being harnessed by all manner of industries, cities and other groups

As increasing swathes of people, cars, cities, homes and the things in them become connected, a massive amount of data is generated and more and more organisations are realising the benefits of storing, interpreting and utilising this information to positive effect. Outside Trak Global Group’s own primary sector – the automotive industry – we periodically… Read more