Year: 2016


24th November 2016

Musing over the Autumn Statement from the perspective of fleet and business drivers

Two blokes sharing the surname Hammond have considerable clout when it comes to the world of motoring. Richard, Top Gear’s lovable ‘hamster’ likely pops into people’s minds more readily. The other is, of course, our new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, who delivered his first Autumn Statement yesterday. It also happened to be his… Read more


22nd December 2016

Are former budget brands ‘getting ideas above their station’ or tangibly moving upmarket?

Wind the clock back by even just half a dozen years or so, and the car market was somewhat simpler. Fleet and private motorists desiring luxury, strong perceived build quality and formidable specification lists knew they would have to look at marques regarded as upmarket – the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi. The mass-market… Read more


19th December 2016

Connected cities: success stories and challenges

Cars aren’t the only things becoming increasingly connected. Rapid progress in Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping smart or ‘connected’ cities to develop, too. Far from a sci-fi pipe dream, these cities are a reality very much here already and not just in the developing world. What is a smart/connected city?… Read more


19th December 2016

As more cities move to ban diesels, are some key snags being ignored?

With a number of governments including the UK having encouraged motorists to side with diesel in recent years, some drivers may have been left aghast on learning that four of the world’s major cities have announced that they plan to introduce a complete ban on diesel vehicles in the not-too-distant future1. The damaging effects of… Read more


19th December 2016

Are the latest pollution-busting recommendations merely NICE but implausible?

There’s no denying that air pollution is a massive issue in the UK, highlighted recently by the High Court ruling that the government has broken the law by its failure to address illegal NO2 levels with any urgency1. London’s ‘toxic air’, said to be responsible for over 9,000 deaths per year in the capital, has… Read more


25th November 2016

What Big Data is and 5 amazing ways in which it’s being used

From mobile phones, social media platforms, home central heating systems and research surveys, to public transport networks, hospitals, air quality sensors and orbiting satellites, everything around us pumps out all kinds of information. Once the Internet of Things (IOT) gains ever more traction, it genuinely will be conceivable that fridges will tell ovens what food… Read more


20th November 2016

Five incredibly diverse solutions from the Internet of Things

It’s fair to say that the bog-standard internet has revolutionised life for so many people, from international businesses being able to exchange large files within seconds, to grandparents Skype-chatting with their grandchildren like they were in the same room, if they and their parents have emigrated after watching one too many overseas property programs on… Read more


12th December 2016

Our pick of fleet cars on the way in 2017

Another year has nearly drawn to a close and what a remarkable and surprising twelve months it’s been, especially on the political front. Although things are much more predictable when it comes to cars aimed at the business market, the New Year still has plenty of tantalising prospects in store. Focussing on definites rather than… Read more


11th November 2016

Fleet electrification: a fascinating snapshot spanning wide-ranging organisations

With the British government facing quite a challenge when it comes to tackling vehicle-related air pollution after the high court1 ruled that existing plans are so lacking they are illegal, businesses and other organisations large and small are increasingly exploring the possibility of switching some or all of their fleets over to hybrid or fully… Read more


12th October 2016

The pros and cons of buying an ex-fleet company car

Don’t elbow us for saying so, but the New Year’s not all that far away and Boxing Day onwards is when some people’s thoughts turn to their plans for the twelve months ahead. Tablets at the ready and leftover mince pies within reach, the nation begins searching topics ranging from holidays and decorating to getting… Read more

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